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My 2018 in Review

Since 2018 now came to an end I want to start in 2019 with a look back on the experiences I could make last year. I try to keep myself short and just write a bit about the most notable events.

Andorra La Vella sign on the bridge

Exploring Andorra

Last weekend I used the long weekend (constitution’s day and immaculate conception) to do a little trip with my fellow EVS friend Ben from France to visit the dwarf state in the middle of the Pyrenees. Andorra.

The roof of the musem

One day in Terrassa

Pressured by my sense of adventurism I decided to quit hanging around at home and get myself out in the world to discover new places!


The last month was really quiet and there is a big reason behind this. I worked nearly full-time on developing Spoti-Vote. I’ll use the next few paragraphs to explain how I got the idea, what Spoti-Vote is and how it works.


15 Reasons Workshops Fail

Last week I was in Coma Ruga to witness the most boring workshop ever. I used my time there to create this Top 15.

Valencian flag

A weekend in Valencia

Last friday I used Spain’s national holiday to visit Valencia. The third biggest city in Spain.

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How I spend my free time during my EVS

I am here. What do I do next? Read here about the activities I do during my free time at my EVS in Spain to fight boredom.

Small tour around Manresa

Over the chorus of the week I got to see quite a lot of my new home town. Enjoy some pictures of it…

starting a new adventure

First day abroad

Although I realized at the last evening that I really didn’t want to leave I still had to and only in doing so I could admire the beauty if Catalonia.

Goodbye my friends

Farewell Austria

Most of the time I hated living here. Now that I’m actually leaving I’m sad and happy at the same time.

people in office

Secure your WordPress on an OVH VPS

Moving from your local development environment to the world of production isn’t always an easy step. There is often a bigger difference between finishing development and going to production than you think.

the end

Finished… finally !!!

After 50h of pure programming and 100h (or more) in the last 14 days I can finally proudly present you my finished product. This blog.

My learning progress so far

Three days of programming done and many more to go! Read here about the challenges i faced up until this point.

Construction Site (Under Construction)

[WIP] Blog

Hello World! This is my legitimate first blog post. I want to use this Blog to keep my family and friends up to date with my EVS in Spain and talk about topics that bother me at the moment.